Rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal

Rechargeable RIC hearing aids

Rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal

Receiver in the ear hearing aid diagram
  • Wireless Bluetooth® options available

  • Lightweight unit with comfortable earpieces

  • Open fitting makes for a more comfortable, natural sound

  • Among the most popular styles

About This Type:

With a comfortable, open-fit design that’s perfect for almost all types of hearing loss, AGX® Hearing’s receiver-in-canal (RIC) devices make better hearing a breeze. Although the speaker and microphone are both located on the shell of RIC devices, the speaker is fed into the ear canal with a comfortable, flexible dome that allows sound to pass through the ear canal naturally. These open fittings reduce wind noise and feedback.

Although RIC devices sit behind the ear, the small, sleek design means that they’re barely visible when worn, and they help provide clear, confident communication. With AGX Hearing’s RIC devices, hearing is as natural and effortless as possible.
Why Rechargeable?
Rechargeable hearing aids are more reliable, less of a hassle, and more powerful than conventional batteries. See the difference you’ll be able to hear with rechargeable hearing aid options.
Brands We Love*
GN Resound and Starkey Pro
This Technology Offers:

  • Savings: No battery required

  • Peace of mind: Enjoy continuous, stable, and uninterrupted power throughout your day.

  • A quick charge: Recharge your hearing aids while you sleep, and enjoy all-day power in the morning.

  • Stress-free maintenance: Avoid the hassle of buying and installing disposable batteries.

  • Convenience: Li ion batteries are covered by your hearing aid warranty.

  • Something for the environment: Rest assured one eco-friendly pair of rechargeable hearing aids equals 200 disposables.**

How to Get Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Whether you currently own or are looking to invest in hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids could be an option for you. New technology generally comes with the rechargeable feature, though some can be retrofit for this option.